Chris Marquardt Photo Tours & Workshops
Chris Marquardt Photo Tours & Workshops

What people say

  • "I'm so glad I went to the Toronto workshop! I learned sooo much. I loved the mix of learning while having fun with a great group of people. It was the first time I've been with a bunch of crazy photographers like me. I will definitely go to one of Chris' workshops again."

    Rebecca Blanco description
  • "I have been trained a lot of times in a lot of stuff by a lot of people. I am in no way exaggerating when I say this was one of the top 5 in my career. Chris was engaging, friendly and very generous with his time during, before and after workshop hours. He joined the participants at meals offering candid responses to all sorts of questions. We spent the first day attending a quick briefing, then launched out on a full days photo shoot at the heart of DC in the area surrounding the Capitol Building.

    Shooting opportunities were wide and varied. There were plenty of architectural shots, naturally but the agenda allowed for street photography and even macro opportunities in the beautiful Botanical gardens. I must say, that for a very reasonable investment I learned a great deal. I must also point out that the folks who joined me on this adventure were of a wide skill set, yet there was no discrimination in the attentiveness or patience of our celebrity instructor. I have followed Mr. Marquardts " Tips From The Top Floor " Podcasts for quite some time and I am now even more impressed after having had the opportunity to watch him in action. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely attend one of these work shops. Chris only gets to the States once or twice a year so make plans now."

    Bob Kearns description
  • "If you fancy yourself a photographer then you are constantly striving for a photograph with that wow factor. I started getting those wow shots on the first day of Chris's workshop and his instructions have helped me keep them coming ever since. My workflow has improved from selection of sites/subjects, getting a proper exposure, to processing my images. I have pictures hanging on my wall that I simply did not know how to pull off before taking his class. I highly recommend taking a workshop with Chris, and after you take one you will understand why."

    Paul Hurley description
  • "Not only does Chris possess a thorough understanding of both the technical and artistic sides of the photographic medium, he is able to convey those concepts in a very clear and concise manner. That is the sign of a truly gifted teacher. The Toronto workshop was a wonderful experience with talented co-host Sean Galbraith and a fantastic group of fellow enthusiast photographers. I look forward to attending future workshops with Chris Marquardt! Highly recommended!"

    Dennis Morassut description
  • "I've had a lot of teachers over the years, and Chris belongs at the top of the list. He knows his subject, knows how to explain the intricacies and the broad concepts, and shares his love of photography in a way that can't help but keep you engaged. This was my second workshop with Chris; it was informative, educational and just plain fun. I came away with a better understanding of both the technical and the creative aspects of photography, had a variety of new experiences, and felt reinvigorated in the process. And so, potential attendee, will you. Happy shooting indeed!"

    Hank Shiffman description

"I joined Chris for his San Francisco Fire and Night workshop in August 2011. Wow, it was great. We were fully immersed in all things photography. We shot fire dancers at night, street portraits, urban scenes, San Francisco scenes at night and much more. Between our shoot sessions we talked about & practiced composition, technique and processing. What I also enjoyed was Chris's down to earth style and sense of humor. I'll definitely do another workshop with Chris."

Steve Brokaw (Workshop: San Francisco 2011)

"I have joined Chris for the Berlin 2011 limited workshop. I am a long time listener of the TFTTF podcast of Chris, so I was having some expectations. But the workshop experience exceeded them :) I have felt the friendly, sharing atmosphere already before the start of the official workshop. Chris has arranged a pre-workshop "get together" dinner/event where we were able to meet and get to know each other. When you are surrounded with a like-minded people, the discussion simply "flows" - from photography to technology, travel, personal hobbies, so we were having a great and fun time already before the workshop started.

I have learned a lot during the workshop and have received in-depth answers to questions which were puzzling me so far. But looking back, this was not the most important thing for me at this workshop. What I value most in this workshop is the great, friendly atmosphere, which is hard to express with words. Having not only pro photographers but also other participants sharing their tips and way of doing photography was a truly great experience. On a purely pragmatical point I must say that this was a very well organized and balanced workshop: - The balance between discussions/theory and practice was definitely there. - Chris is always "one hand away" so you can ask your question and get answer right when you need it and tuned for the concrete case.

The pre- and post-practice sessions were also very helpful. - Last but not least is the great guided tour of Berlin which Chris has organized for the participants with a local guy (who was a native English speaker). This opens a great opportunity to see the city and take pictures, but also to learn and feel the city in a different way. People say that the great experiences are the ones which are shared. The Berlin 2011 workshop was definitely a great experience for me. I am very much looking forward the workshop schedule for the 2012. Thanks Chris!"

Georgi Mitov (Workshop: Berlin LIMITED 2011)

I loved Chris' interest in reaching everyone and ensuring your success during the assignments. The photo critiques were great - seeing other's perspectives and techniques and choosing to adopt/ adapt is a great way to learn. The class became close and grew in our capabilities quickly. Don't miss the content, the teaching style, and growing your skills; do it!

Dag Calafell (Workshop: Toronto 2011)