2013 & 2014 Photo Workshops
with Chris Marquardt

Learn to shoot like a pro or improve your photography in a specific area. A photo class with Chris will make you a better photographer and help you learn creative techniques in a relaxed and fun environment. Without losing sight of the fundamentals of photography.

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Chris Marquardt teaches several workshops in English every year. In 2014 that's the Everest Trek that takes photographers up to Mt. Everest Base Camp, the Iceland Aurora Borealis tour, where we will spend a week in one of the most visually breathtaking places and more. All while learning about photography!

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Workshopserie REWIND

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Ganz in die Tiefe abtauchen und ein einziges Thema richtig gründlich erforschen. Das ist das Ziel der REWIND Foto-Workshops. In jedem der Wochenend-Workshops erforschen und ergründen die Teilnehmer gemeinsam einen wichtigen Teilaspekt der Fotografie, unter erfahrener Leitung von Fotograf Chris Marquardt. Im exklusiven Kreis von maximal 10 Teilnehmern wird hier der "Workshop" noch in seiner ursprünglichsten Wortbedeutung verstanden, es geht zentral darum, sich die Dinge gemeinsam zu erarbeiten. Denn nur so sind ein außergewöhnliches Maß an Spaß und Lernen garantiert.

Analogworkshops mit Chris und Moni

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Seit Jahren sind die Analog-Foto-Workshops von Chris und Moni schon ein fester Bestandteil der deutschen Szene. Unter dem Label "Absolut Analog" lernen die Teilnehmer alles von den Grundlagen der Film-Fotografie bis hin zu den Tiefen des Großformats. Und selbst ohne eigene Kamera könnt ihr in der Regel mitmachen.

Portfolio Review

A portfolio review is perfect to discuss your photography with an experienced professional, receive constructive criticism and get advice on how to proceed from where you are. A portfolio review with Chris Marquardt takes place as an online video conference, for example in a private Google Hangout or on Skype.

To make the best use of your time, please send in up to 20 pictures upfront to allow Chris to prepare and get familiar with your work before the review starts.

Pay your portfolio review using Bitcoin or SEPA transfer. For other payment options, please inquire via email.

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Chris Marquardt is a photographic mythbuster and the host of Tips from the Top Floor, the world's longest running photography show. He has taught photography all over the world. Chris is also a regular guest on the TWiT Network.

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» Tips from the Top Floor

Testimonials: others say great things about the workshops

"I've had a lot of teachers over the years, and Chris belongs at the top of the list."

- Hank Shiffman
"I will definitely go to one of Chris' workshops again."

- Rebecca Blanco
"If you have the opportunity, you should definitely attend one of these workshops."

- Bob Kearns

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